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that is is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. the news continues greta is next. we'll see you back tomorrow night. she goes on the record tonight, great take it away. >> greta: thank you. tonight breaking news. alaska says it wants in. into the lawsuit with the other states taking on the government over health care. joining us by phone alaska governor parnell. nice to hear from you tonight, sir. >> great to be with you again greta, thanks. >> greta: you want into this lawsuit? >> i do. i'm one of these governors that thinks and then acts. i asked my attorney general quite a few weeks ago to do the legal analysis on this for ourselves so we would know we were acting in good faith doing our homework and avoiding the politics of the moment. yesterday i a briefing from the attorney general. he gave me a 50 page memo on just a very detailed analysis. i thought it was so important what i saw and heard that
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today i released that attorney general's memorandum and announced that alaska was joining the other states in florida's legal action against the federal government. >> greta: have you spoken to the attorney general in florida? have you designated your attorney general to do so? have you spoken to the governor of florida? how do you get in? >> our attorney general has spoken with the attorney general in florida. they a telephone call. i understand the attorney general from florida was very happy to hear we will be state number 20 in that particular action. that's where we are. >> greta: what is it that you think is unconstitutional in this statute or this new health care bill? >> our department of law did just a complete analysis and specifically we are challenging the federal government's sweeping expansion of congress' power under the commerce clause. we don't think the commerce clause authorizes health care
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legislation individual mandate. for me, when i started to read this memo and if you go to the state alaska's website, click on my face, governor sean parnell, you will see something that says fighting national health care. the question is, should weigh lou the federal government to require citizens to engage in commerce? your previous people on the show were speaking to that congress could conceivably require all americans to buy federally approved gym memberships in order to lower obesity and blood pressure rate. or the attorney general's memorandum speculated they could order us to buy gm cars under the threat of a tax surcharge so the government can better manage its stake in gm. >> greta: have you heard from any of our members of congress, u.s. senators since making this announce? -- this announcement?
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>> we have. two of the three are very supportive the other is no >> greta: is this all along party lines? >> it is. but i have to tell you, as i was looking at this, i began to that we to stop making this about the health care debate and start making it about our liberty. if those folks who have been on the frontlines of -- fighting for civil liberties, people to the left of us for years and years, understood this is about liberty, not about health care, it is about being mandated to make a choice on a commodity. i think people would take a different view of things. >> greta: governor, thank you sir. >> thank you greta, appreciate it. >> greta: there's other breaking news about another state's battle to suit federal government. the attorney general of wisconsin van hollen just got blocked. he wants to sue the federal government but needs authorization from the wisconsin state senate or the
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state assembly or the state democratic governor. today the democratic controlled state senate rejected a resolution to authorize a lawsuit. we'll let you know the latest news as we get it. minutes ago in the united states capital a group of republican congressmen stood up on the house floor to publicly state their support for the attorneys general and governors suing the feds. john carter just spoke on the house floor he joins us live. good evening what prompted or provoked that taking to the floor and talking about your support for this lawsuit? >> hi! i took the floor because i absolutely believe and i congratulate governor parnell for his stance that he's taking that the attorneys general across the country now in 20 states are standing up for freedom and liberty in this -- and fighting tyranny as it was defined originally when our founding fathers gathered to write the constitution. imposing a will that we don't have the authority to impose
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is stepping on everybody's toes. >> greta: the states are the ones that have again to court after the federal has passed this. who has joined you on the house floor tonight to show support for the states in their lawsuit? >> tonight my friend from georgia gingrich join me on the floor of the house. others were not there otherwise i was speaking alone. i will be joined by others as we continue to step up on the floor and speak positively about the actions the attorneys general take. our time around here is pretty dear. the first night back sometimes it is hard to gather a crowd. >> greta: what do you hope to achieve by taking to the floor? it is your body, your house of representatives. i realize you are a republican and this was a democratic controlled house that voted the bill initial what do awe chief by going to the floor tonight? >> well, first when you go to the floor talk to your
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colleagues and the american people. it gives you the opportunity to give your view of what we're talking about. i made the argument tonight that we hear no spin zones and we hear the spin stops here and we hear the buck stops here. the truth is the spin stops with the united states constitution and its interpretations. now we've got 20 good lawyers with good teams of lawyers behind them going to court to present a position and there will be good lawyers on the other side. believe in the system as i'm sure you do greta. i took an oath to defend it all my life. i believe we will get a positive result, because i believe this is carrying the commerce clause too far. >> greta: congressman, 30 seconds left. i'm curious if any members of congress, democrats come up to you and had any buyer's remorse on voting for the health care bill or are they more reinforced in their thinking that they did the
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right thing? >> i believe there's buyer's remorse but i'm not going to disclose my friends who have gone back home and didn't like the reception they've gotten. overall, they are taking the position that the obama administration is taking that is, they are trying to promote as many positive sides as they can. unfortunately, i don't think it is being bought by the american people. >> greta: congressman, thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: goldman sachs just got slapped with civil charges by the sec. congressman darrell issa top republican on the house oversight committee wants to know is the timing of the civil charges politically motivated? congressman issa went on the record. nice to see you sir. >> thanks for having me back on. >> greta: i have a letter that you have written signed by a number of your colleagues to the honorable mary shapiro chairman of the securities exchange commission. why are you writing her? >> we have a lot of things that don't make sense based on
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tradition and how the sec has worked. we want to know why they released during the trading day something they don't normally do. certainly we want to know about the fact that the democratic party and the president's own team jumped on fundraising, as a result of this. and additionally, as things come out we start asking questions like why is it is on the same day at 150 one page skating ig report about the sec? we are not saying that they coordinated, we are concerned that there was a leak or "the new york times" wouldn't have run the story before the announcement. >> greta: just so i understand the civil charges by the sec against goldman sachs came out at the time that the president is seeking a financial regulatory reform bill on capitol hill? >> i didn't even get to that part yet. there's this long list of coincidences, yes of course.
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>> greta: you think they used the civil charges to get the american people upset about goldman sachs so they would put pressure on republicans in the senate to really move forward with this? >> certainly a question we have. greta, i don't have answers to these questions. what i see a very unusual event. they could have done this partisan party line 3-2 vote in the sec and released it six months ago, six months from now. they could have at least released it after the trading day as is their tradition. >> greta: you say the partisan 3-2 there are five members to the sec. two are republicans, two democrats and one independent and the independent you are signing as a democrat to make the three, i take it? >> it would seem it lined up at least the two republicans opposing. great >> greta: she has previously been appointed by president reagan and bush 41. one of the things that president obama wants to create an outside entity, a
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new agency to protect the consumer. the senate democrats want to create this agency but within the federal reserve. has anyone bothered to investigate whether or not within our huge government structure whether or not the sec, ftc already has the authority to protect the consumer and perhaps dropped the ball and maybe someone is not doing his or her job to begin with rather than create huge agencies? >> certainly you see the lawsuit there is no lack of authority to go after bad actors. you're right. at least multiple agencies all had the ability to do a part of it. >> greta: it is being used politically, you think that the goldman sachs thing is being used politically? it is possible that this whole idea that we are creating this agency to protect the consumer is the political weapon that is used against you for the midterm elections rather than goldman sachs thing. >> it could be. i admire ray lahood when he came before our commit at this time -- committee this
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disaster toyota with lots of different recalls we asked do you need more authority? he said no, i have all the authority i need. are you going to be able to fix this? yes, i am, i will i have enough funding. i had a cabinet officer who was willing to say nhtsa deposited the ball they not been overseeing the auto caps -- -- auto companies properly. he came and said >> greta: he didn't want a whole another agency. >> if you go to the website their mission is to protect the consumer. so for the life of me until we can take a look at our government and certify we don't already have the apparent ability to fix the problem that led to the meltdown why do we create another agency? >> three good examples of why you are right. first bernie madoff. second al stan -- al sanford.
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third, the question of rating agencies and how they were calling people aaa that weren't. all three the sec dropped the ball on. last one related to financial collapse. >> greta: it is not that they don't have the authority it is they didn't do their jobs. in some ways this geld man saks i think that is a coincidence. i think the creation of this external agency to protect the consumer is likely the political folly. >> you could be right. one thing the american people, right, left and center are all worried about is the get of government and the growth of government wanting to become more complex with more agencies and more control over our lives that's not republicans talking that is everybody scared that in fact government has become so government centric they only listen to government. >> greta: i'm in favor of creating outside agency -- if i could be consequenced that it doesn't exist now. >> we do not lack the jurisdiction or the ability if agencies like the sec took the
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tough cases and did their job. they did not in bernie madoff's they did not in sanford and did not go after the rating agencies. >> greta: barbara boxer might have a sarcastic remark for president obama, gee, thanks a lot. we'll explain, next. president obama just called senator scott brown long distance. former governor blagojevich talking a smoking gun. and the volcano still giving the world terrible surprises. we have it all covered. we are back in two. a chance to get everyone together for a night where everyone gets just what they want. combine two or three favorites, from new creations like crab-stuffed shrimp and pecan-crusted shrimp to classics like decadent shrimp scampi. it's everything you want in a night out. starting at just $11.99, during the festival of shrimp.
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10:16 pm
interesting advice for her supporters. look to the tea parties. >> i need you to be excited. as excited as the tea party people are. will you help me? will you get sighted? >> greta: rick klein, is she in trouble? is president obama trying to get the crowd rolling? >> she is in trouble. the democrats nationwide a heap of trouble. this is going to able close race. a lot of democrats are going to sweat it out. they are going to call on view you are talking about. that's why the president takes a trip he wants the troops fired up he can do it in a place like california and maybe match some of the energy we've seen exclusively on the right. >> greta: virginia, senator corzine in new jersey and he campaigned with martha coakley against senator scott brown. he's 0-3 on revving up the
10:17 pm
troops. >> i don't think any of those folks would have won had he not shown up that's a counter argument. the president puts himself on the line when he goes to trips like that campaigning. it is not like his presence is going to be welcome everywhere he goes. california is one place where he's still popular. >> greta: protesters people are screaming about don't ask, don't tell saying he was too slow. and people chained themselves to the fence at the white house today. he's getting heat within his party. >> maybe energy on is not what he had in mine with this. the white house is going to be judicious on how they deploy the president they are not going to put him places where he can't do more good than not. california they can spend time out there raise some cash. he's got to say this is a real race otherwise people aren't going to open their wallets for senator boxer. >> greta: senator lincoln in arkansas, does she want him to campaign for her? >> we interviewed her on our
10:18 pm
political webcast last week and asked her that question she said all presidents we love having presidents in arkansas u bush, clinton, obama how about president obama? michelle obama is coming to arkansas. >> greta: that's a dodge. >> that is not going to be a place -- president obama didn't win arkansas in 2008. he isn't more popular there as a result. that's going to be one of those places where maybe they send checks and surrogate support. >> greta: how about any other states? any other senators clamoring for him to visit and raise money and campaign? >> everyone would like to have money. if you look at the competitive seats it tends to align with states that are closely divided. they have to be careful how they use it. in missouri where the president has been before and did not show up with the democratic candidate -- >> greta: senator mccaskell -- >> this is the open seat.
10:19 pm
i think ultimately more candidates than not are going to want to campaign with the president. he's still personally popular. there are places in the country, house races in the south he's not going to want to be near that members of congress aren't going to want him near that either. >> it is amazing barbara boxer could be at risk. >> if that's an the case there are polls that suggest it is in the realm of possibility, democrats are going to have a tough time everywhere. it is going to be like massachusetts across the country. >> greta: thank you. america has been worried about what iran might do to israel. has that changed? should we worry about ourselves. ambassador bolton is next. breaking news about that volcano. take a deep is going to affect u a report is stuck in the united states is here, coming up. n
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>> greta: new classified pentagon report says with sufficient foreign assistance iran could develop and test a ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states by 2015. what should we do? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us live. any suggestion if that is true they could send this to the united states by 2015? which they didn't say they could arm it with a nuclear weapon that's another issue. >> i wouldn't necessarily think 2015 is a long way way this is an estimate, iran could have breakthroughs may get more assistance from overseas than projected. i don't think you can say five years plenty of time. it would be less than that i think the main point is the obama administration's decision last year to cancel
10:24 pm
the missile defense sites in poland and the czech republic has setback dramatically the time in which the u.s. would be able to defend itself against an iranian ballistic miss -- missile capability. not an issue whether we need that defense today or whether the iranians are capable of launching today. it is the ers to down the road of what their -- it is the trajectories down the road. under this projection today if you take 2015 as the operable date they will have a missile capability and we will not a defense capability in response. >> greta: there is negotiation and let's face that it has failed. we had that dog and pony show about enriching uranium and moving russia, we had that discussion last fall. iranians have not been interested in talking to the obama administration. another option which is very
10:25 pm
unattractive to people is military one. we can do it, israel can do it or we can do it in conjunction with allies. the other option most people would prefer would be sanctions. then it raises the question how do we get china to care about the sanctions? if they don't go along we got a big leak in the sanctions and those are ineffective, so now what? >> with respect to ballistic missiles there's no international support whatever for additional sanctions. the obama administration is straining to get another security council resolution that will marginally tighten the existing sanctions regime because of iran's nuclear weapons program. when you see how limb emptied their success is -- limited their success is on that front you can understand why. i think this is a serious problem. i think that's why we have to focus on what is in the nose cone of these missiles. that is critical and that's where the nuclear weapons
10:26 pm
program takes center stage. >> greta: it seems the linchpin to the solution that is most attractive has to do with china. how do we get china to have the same level and care and concern and fear and caution that we have? >> well, ideally, the chinese would realize it is in their own interest to help prevent nuclear proliferation around the world. honestly, having dealt with them for a long time on this subject, they just simply don't give it the same priority we did. moreover -- >> greta: how do we get get them to have the same priority? how do we convince them it is nor important than they think? >> i don't think they see it as much of a threat as we do. they don't have as many allies around the world to protect as we do. their stake in iran are different from ours. the chinese interest there is in locking up as much oil and natural gas as they can. they may not want iran to have nuclear weapons it is an
10:27 pm
incidental, an irritate but not a real problem like it is for us and our friends and allies in the region like israel and the persian gulf arab states. >> greta: can china torpedo any chance of having effective sanctions? if they are not onboard we can forget sanctions as an option? >> absolutely. people need to understand everything that china has said for the past six months is consistent with what they've done the past three or four years. they don't believe in sanctions against iran. they will work behind the scenes to water the sanctions down. even if there is a fourth sanctions resolution and i think there probably will be, it will be weak. china and russia, let's not forget the russians, don't fundamentally want to impose the kind of pain on iran that would be necessary to get iran to give up its weapons program. >> greta: thank you, sir. if you happen to have 12 billion dollars standing by, now is the time to pitch in the treasury department wants
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>> greta: no secret the u.s. debt is spiralling out of control. it is getting worse by the second. did you know, you can do something to help? griff jenkins has a report. >> reporter: have you noticed everyone is talking about skyrocketing debt lately? perhaps for good reason if you look at the unofficial score card known as the national debt clock america's debt is a record breaking 12 trillion and it keeps rising and rising. the president and congressional leaders have vowed to address the problem. perhaps we'll see something in
10:32 pm
the way of government spending cuts or increased taxes. while you are complaining about it, did you know you could be doing something about it by making a personal donation to uncle sam? in addition to your taxes it is known as gifts to reduce the public debt. you can mail in a check or go online and do it with your credit card. under the provisions of 31 u.s. code 3113 your contribution will be an seconded -- accepted by the secretary of treasury as a gift for the purpose of reducing the public americans last year gave over three million dollars. now, the program is run by a small department known as the department of public debt. here inside the treasury. while no one was available to talk on camera today spokeswoman joyce harris had this to say. the gifts are applied monthly to reduce the amount of debt that needs to be issued. while most gifts are modest
10:33 pm
the largest gift we received was 3 1/2 million dollars in the early 90s. the donors include individuals, organizes and school groups. americans contributing to reduce the national debt is nothing new the program has been around since the early 60s and since the mid 90s americans have paid almost 25 million dollars to reduce that debt. in the last decade contributions are on the rise. only a few million dollars a year it is going to take more generosity to put a dent in that debt. so, we hit the streets to see who was feeling charitable. it is a tax deduction. did you know that you could give a personal gift to the department of treasury to pay down the debt in addition to your taxes, are you interested? >> no. there's lots of great causes, red cross, united way. >> reporter: would you be
10:34 pm
willing to make a personal donation to uncle sam to reduce the 12 trillion national debt not taxes a special gift? >> no >> i would be. >> reporter: how much? >> i don't know, i haven't checked my bank account but i would give something. >> reporter: like 10 bucks, 20 bucks -- >> couple hundred. >> reporter: if the debt is 12 trillion and 120 million people gave $100, that's like -- >> a bunch of money. >> reporter: 120 billion not even putting a dent. >> not putting a dent. i think the solution to the problem is quit spending the money. and then we can start working down the debt. >> do i want to give a gift to the treasury? >> reporter: yes. >> no they enough money.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: would you like to pay down the national debt and give a gift today? >> greta: it is not just the united states it is across the developed world and international monetary warned the global financial system could be thrown back into crisis. make no mistake if the world is in crisis we get thrown deep near our own crisis. steve moore joins us live. we should start a fund for griff jenkins because he's out there doing the piece his blackberry was stolen. >> i like this idea of letting people take five or 10% of their income tax they pay each year and have that go to retire the debt, i love that idea. >> greta: i think it is in addition. >> you should have a certain amount of your income taxes, think about it. >> greta: all right.
10:36 pm
international monetary fund, warning basically if europe gets into a deeper crisis we are going to have a problem. >> that's right. misery loves company. if you think we've got a big debt we you look at countries' we are less than countries like france, japan, greece, italy. even germany is right about where we are. what this means at the same time we are borrowing trillions all these other governments are borrowing money too. >> greta: who is rich? >> saudi arabia, china and of course. as you know, china owns 800 -- 800 billion to trillion worth of our debt the biggest foreign owners of our debt. japan owns a lot of it too. who is going to buy up all this debt? if we are borrowing 1 1/2 trillion a year and the other
10:37 pm
countries are borrowing companies are not going to be borrow because governments are crowding out the private investment. >> greta: your home state of illinois, i don't care about greece, i don't live in italy, why should i care? how does it affect them? >> first of all, pay attention to what is happening in some of these countries. we talked about greece. greece's debt went up so rapidly there was a crisis in the debt people started selling bonds they had to borrow from the rest of the world so they didn't have a total economic crisis in that country. >> greta: they are lucky they the money. >> that's right. i don't think the united states is near that position right now. but we've increased our debt we stay on the course we are on in the next 10 years we will borrow more money than in our first 200 years as a nation since the revolutionary war. >> greta: i'm used to trillions and billions numbers. back to illinois, you are sitting there watching --
10:38 pm
>> these governments are borrowing all this money it is going to drive up interest rates. car loans, mortgages, everything becomes more expensive to take out a loan because all of the savings of the world gets sopped up by government debt. >> greta: going to affect the standard of living and run inflation up? >> countries like germany, france you can't borrow your way to prosperity. the borrowing is so out of control. we are talking about levels of borrowing that are unprecedented in world history. >> greta: griff's piece, the man said quit spending. we aren't. we go back to my discussion with congressman issa, talking about this new agency i would like to look to see whether we don't have it already. no evidence of putting on the brakes and evaluate whether we need to. >> no question about that we have the fiscal stimulus plan that hasn't worked well if you
10:39 pm
look at the budget how much it has increased from two trillion to four trillion in the last few years. there's so many areas where the budget can be cut. but the politicians aren't talking about that last week new value added tack. all they are talking about is raising new taxes and not cutting government spending. start with 10% across the board every agency? >> greta: there's a lot to be examined. i'm not confident we are looking at. >> we're not. >> greta: here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: the program "south park" mocked the prophet muhammad and now there are death threats. nudity may be coming to your neighborhood. >> greta: o'reilly at 11. we are live until the top of the hour. we don't have nudity. if you think you have her the worst about what this volcano is -- think you have heard the worst about what this volcano
10:40 pm
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10:44 pm
public health priority. institute of medicine reports americans consume twice as much salt as they should which increases risk of high blood pressure strokes and other health insurance. the institute is asking the fda to put sodium limits on processed s. tributes are pouring in from around the nation tonight for the late civil rights leader dorothy height. president obama calls her the godmother of the civil rights movement. bill and hillary clinton are saying the nation is poorer for her loss. height died today at a washington, d.c. hospital she was 98. she march add side martin luther king, jr. and led the national council of negro women for 40 years. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. >> greta: hopefully, you do not have a trip to europe planned in the next year. why? the last time this cane know in iceland blew was 1821. the he -- the eruption
10:45 pm
continued for 13 months. in 1821 they did not have to worry about jet engines the volcano did not set off a global crisis. today it is a different story. good news, british air space is open. he's based in brussels and can't get home. do you have a designated time to depart a seat on a plane? >> so far i have a seat next tuesday. i'm hoping they can move that up a little bit. >> greta: we hope you moved up as well. what is the latest in terms of the impact this -- of this volcano? >> it seems things are getting back to normal slowly. anyone who has been in a crudded airport knows it takes time to unwind a mess like this 100,000 glide -- flights didn't happen up to potentially even 10 million people didn't fly.
10:46 pm
so, the planes that are flying now were already going to be full. finding space for all those other people being like me, is a little difficult. that's the biggest problem now. >> greta: it is one thing to get everybody moved around and in position like you and others. then you've got the problems with the luggage that didn't show up at its correct destinations. then the cargo that didn't get carried, the food or whatever. it has such ripple effect that goes far beyond europe. >> indeed. places like africa they ship a lot of food to europe, europe ships a lot of food to the u.s.. u.s. ships food to europe. it is all interconnected. and it all has been sitting on the ground. >> greta: 1821 the volcano spent 13 months on and off. has this cane know now guy
10:47 pm
yetted down or is this a -- is there a risk it could blow again between now and tuesday when you are supposed to leave? >> the good news is most of the ice on top of the volcano has melted that's been the big factor. the steam created by that pushed the dust up into the air. once the ice is gone, the volcano stays closer to the ground, less of a danger to air travel. the bigger left there's a bigger volcano near it with more ice on top. nobody knows if that is going to blow, but it has in the past when this one did. if that one goes all bets are off. >> greta: even the mere fact that the ice is done, a volcano without the ice that blows is a risk or danger to aircraft. is it because it is more contained, people -- how could that be a better situation? >> mainly i think the physics of the explosion what's coming out when it is normal explosion is more like sand
10:48 pm
and rocks they don't go that high into the sky. when the lava hit the ice it turned into tiny particles. and the steam shot that up in the sky. so it was very different from a volcano in hawaii or indonesia. >> greta: is any airline talking bankruptcy? any risk of bankruptcy or a bailout? >> they are starting to talk bailout. nobody is talking about outright bankruptcy. a lot of pain. british air ways losing 30 million dollars a day. air france losing about 40 million, in total europe's airlines which were already in bad shape, losing over 100 million dollars each day. they have the cash to get through a couple of days not a lot longer. it is good news or less bad news for them that this seems to have passed for now. >> greta: dan, thank you. next, the best of the rest.
10:49 pm
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>> greta: here's is the best of the rest. cowards and lions that is what former governor blagojevich calls the prosecutors trying
10:53 pm
to put him in prison. hours ago the former governor giving a press conference. >> government sneaking in court tomorrow to try to file a motion to keep all the tapes from being heard. why are they doing that? for two reasons. one, they know when all those tapes are going to be played they will show i've done nothing wrong. they will prove my innocence. and the second reason they doing this, the reason they know and we know, there's a smoking gun on those tapes. the government is covering up the big lie mr. fitzgerald gave to the world we he had me arrested on december 9th and told the whole world that he heard tapes and telephone conversations and they had to arrest siting governor because he was stopping a crime spree before it happened that is a lie! the reason they won't play all those tapes is they are covering up that big lie that foreseeably lead to a chain of events that stole a governor from the people of illinois and undid the will of the people.
10:54 pm
i'm here today to issue a challenge. if i'm wrong with what i'm saying i challenge mr. fitz -- mr. fitzgerald show up in court tomorrow and explain to the world why you don't want those tapes that you made played in court? i'll be in court tomorrow i hope you are man enough to be there tomorrow too. >> greta: that seems fair, play all the tapes. i don't know why the prosecutor won't do that guess who the president calledded to from air force one? scott brown why? to talk about immigration reform and financial regulatory reform. details are sketchy but we have some information. the senator told the president he would review any immigration legislation when it came before the senate. the senator told the president he thinks the immediate focus on the country should be on fixing the economy and creating jobs. this is not the beginning of a bad joke a news story out of pennsylvania. this morning somehow a wild deer ended up trapped inside a
10:55 pm
rite aid pharmacy. animal control convinced the deer to leave, the deer bolted down the street and disappeared into the woods there you have it. the best of the rest. still ahead, can you say the name of that volcano in iceland? it has 16 letters knits name. newscast terse across the country can't say it and they are -- newscasters across the country can't say it and they are caught on camera trying. it is pretty pathetic. uys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it befe they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. the name of that volcano in iceland is a mouthful. jimmy kimmel likes to have fun with tv newscasters. >> it's been fun watching newscasters here in america and around the world try to pronounce it. eyjafjallajokull. >> the eyjafjallajokull. >> yes. >> eyjafjallajokull, i think. >> eyjafjallajokull. >> ig ig. >> eyjafjallajokull. >> yes. >> eyjafjallajokull. >> fiddle faddel banana ramma. shows no signs of abaiting. >> for the record, the proper pronunciation is... oh, we're out of time. sorry. next time. we'll have to tell you later. that is your last call.

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